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What is Financial Development?

The two prominent phases in a person’s economic life are accumulation of money and distribution of money. Generally, the accumulation phase is comprised of all people at work and savings for retirement. Generally, the distribution phase includes; money at work, less people at work, and distribution of income streams in retirement. At Dworsky Agency, all our strategies include both the accumulation and distribution phases throughout a person’s economic life for a well-balanced approach.

For Financial Development to be successful it needs to be holistic in nature and comprise all aspects of a client’s financial life, including estate organization,  life and income protection, and asset investments.


Investments are the commitment of money or capital to purchase financial instruments or other assets in order to gain profitable returns in the form of interest, income {dividend}, or appreciation of the value of the instrument. People make investments and defer enjoyment of money into the future for really one reason – that is to have an income stream later in life or simply a retirement.

At Dworsky Agency, we educate our clients on the different investment options available to them. We then test those investment options to find the best available strategies to help our clients create the optimum income streams that are guaranteed.

What are Insurance Strategies?

There are relationships that exist between life insurance and all the other financial decisions a person must make during their financial life. These relationships when worked into a strategy have the ability to open up more options, create guarantees and enhance income streams in retirement for our clients.

There are several types of life insurance products in the marketplace to choose from; including term life, variable life, universal life, variable universal life and whole life. At Dworsky Agency, we educate our clients on the various types of life insurance products available, so they can make informed decisions.

Income Protection

Most people insure their material possessions—their homes and cars, for example. But many of these same people don’t consider what is probably their most valuable asset — their ability to work and earn income. If you become sick or are injured and can’t work, will you be able to pay your bills and maintain your standard of living? Disability income insurance protection can help you pay your bills by replacing a portion of your income. It can help you maintain your current lifestyle and help protect you and your family from going into serious debt.

Estate Organization

Taking an organized approach to documenting and tracking financial assets, debts, relationships, and real property is essential to achieving holistic organization. Monitoring and updating your affairs on an ongoing basis is equally important. We have extensive experience in comprehensive and detailed picture of an individual estate. We can assist you and your personal representative, executor or trustee in ensuring that the estate plan is accurate and complete.

Variable life insurance policies are sold only by prospectuses, which contain more complete information about fees, costs, charges, any consequences of early withdrawals, and other factors that may apply. Investors should read and consider carefully the product and fund prospectuses before investing. As with any investment, investing in variable portfolios involves risk, including possible loss of principal. We can obtain for you the current prospectuses for the products we offer.

Life insurance guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.